CUDA experiment III – 2 million pixel

This CUDA experiment maps a FULL-HD (1920×1080 @ 30 frames per second, MPEG2 compression) video source into 3D space. Each frame is processed in real-time on the GPU using CUDA. Each pixel in a frame (2.073.600 pixels per frame) is scaled by its luminance value and given the original color. The camera flight is realized with a 3D space navigator in real-time. This application is written in C# using DirectX 11, CUDA.NET and DirectShow.NET libraries. Benchmarks: GPU load is about 85% (GTX 260), GPU memory controller load 25%, CPU (i7-920) is at 20%.

The soundtrack is made by Ludwig Berger:

As reports, this application might be utilized for a quality check of video footage, like in a waveform monitor:

Interview in the NVIDIA CUDA Newsletter, Nov. 10, 2010



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